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insanely slow gateway router


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my linksys cisco gateway router wag325n is not working with my macbook pro

the macbook is fine in my office - 3com router

(while the linksys works well with a toshiba satellite pro running windows xp)

linksys support spent a couple of hours but could not help

went to a few mac forums & i did notice compatibility mentions


the funny thing is mail works slowly

so i installed firefox and after a long, long time, a page loaded

too slow to use

i asked the linksys guys to send me safari settings

but i guess he had no clue


i am considering selling it off on ebay & getting an apple wi-fi (airport x or time c)

but i hate selling it off b4 figuring out why the silly thing didn't work

would appreciate suggestions

or directions to a forum where i can get answers





macbook pro 2.5

IEEE 802.11n draft

OSX 10.5.2

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