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kalaway 10.5.2 blank screen on boot

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Ive been reading as much as i can get of how this all works, and i think im getting closer. Ive installed Kalaway 10.5.2 and selected the x1000 series driver when installing for my ati ES1000 on board video chipset.


I now get a list of supported modes for my graphics card when doing a ?video and if i do a "graphics mode"="1280x1024x32" on boot, i do get that mode for the first inital boot screen with the grey apple and the spinning dial. However after that the screen goes blank and i get nothing.


ive tried booting -x (safe mode) and same thing happens. so im kinda stumped how to go forward from here. any help would be greatly appreciated.





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So im quickly coming to the conclusion that it is going to be impossible to get the ati es1000 to work. Ive read in a few places that the es1000 is bacily a x1300, however ive tried every method i can find for the x1300 and replacing my vid/pid in the kext for the one of my card, and no luck.. i either get a blank screen on boot, or i get a "you must reboot your mac" screen of death..


i tried a asus g7900 card, installed nvinject and the rest of the drivers as per the faq i found of this forum, and everything worked ok for about 10 min, then i started to get wierd blocky stuff on the screen, then it died..


I check the card to see if maybe it had unseated itsself, when i touched the card, it was Nucular hot. i have blisters on 3 finger to prove it. Something must have been wrong maybe in the driver maybe? .. Needless to say.. stick a fork in it.. thats card is dead. thank goodness i bought it a Future Shop :P went back and told them, it no worky and got my money back.


so not wanting to make silicon vapor out of any more cards, can some Hackintosh Guru here please give me some guidence on what card to use.. I dont need blazing speed, its most going to be use as a dbase/file server. but i would like to have some level of hardware acceleration.





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