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N00B help required - Kalyway 10.5.2 or Zephyroth Rev 2

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Hi All


I've been beating my head against a brick wall trying to get a working installation.


My hardware is as follows:

  • Mobo:Gigabyte M61VME-S2 Rev2
    • Chipset: nForce 400
    • Audio: Realtek ALC883
    • Ram: 4GB DDR2 800
    • M61 SATA Controller

    [*]CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ Brisbane (SSE2,SSE3)

    [*]Graphics card: Gigabyte GV-RX16P256DE-RH (ATI Radeon X1600Pro)

    [*]NIC: Realtek 8169 based

    [*]HDD: SATA I - Seagate ST3200822AS

    [*]Displays: Apple Cinema display to DVI port, Hyundai LCD to VGA

I can't find AHCI anywhere in the BIOS, although it does have a raid function. Enabling raid is a two stage affair, I have to first enable raid on the controller, then on the disk channels.


I have managed to get Kalyway installed, but when it boots it displays the white screen with the grey apple and spinning disk for a while, then goes to a plain white screen; if I boot verbose, the last message I see before the plain white screen is "Timed out waiting to write kernel symbols".


When I've tried to install Zephyroth, it starts installing, but right near the end, pops up a window saying the the installation failed due to an unknown error


If there are any boot logs or install logs I can grab, could someone please tell me where to get them from once I have booted single user mode of a DVD.


Could someone please tell me:

  • If I should enable the raid functionality for the controller, but keep it disabled on the channel the drive is attached to
  • If I should use GUID or MBR
  • If I should have just one partition spanning the entire disk (Up to now, I've had two partitions, one for the OS, and one for user data)
  • If I should use an IDE drive instead (Not ideal, I have a DVD drive and a DVD burner using the two IDE channels, and arrangement I'd like to keep - there is only a single IDE connector)
  • Should I get another Mobo
  • For Kalyway:
    • Which Kernel(s) I should select
    • Which graphics drivers I should select (I've been using the X1000 drivers when I got the white screen described above - I don't think these support the X1600Pro)
    • Which audio drivers I should select
    • Which Network driver: AppleRTL8169Ethernet or RealtekR1000
    • Which Mobo chipset(s) I should select
    • Which SMBIOS patches I should select, if any
    • Which Jas1048 patches I should select, if any
    • Which other patches I should select, if any
    • Which AMD 1052 patches I should select, if any

    [*]For Zephyroth

    • Which options I should select

Absolutely any help or advice would be much appreciated, I've spent the last week on this trying to get it to work.

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I can't answer all your questions in detail, because I simply don't know.


You should try using the IDE drive, and see if it'll work. Disconnect everything that is not necessary, like other DVD drives or HDs.


Did you try Leo4all?


I don't know if another mobo will help, but if you look in the wiki, you can find supported mobos.

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