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Kaly10.5.1: Don't see the contents of a SATA HD


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I am fine-tuning my Kaly install but faced a problem: I have got 3 HD's in my system

1. Seagate 80GB SATA

-NTFS partition with WinXP


2. Seagate 250GB SATA

-NTFS partition containing data

3. USB external drive, Seagate 500GB

-NTFS partition containing data


The mb is Gigabyte P35 S3R, the CPU - Q6600.


All the drives had been mounted successfully. But the drive number 2, the 250GB one, is showed as an empty one dispite the fact that there are only 9 gigs remaining on it. Actually, it shows that the copacity is 250 and free space is 9, but there are no files visible (in terminal also). Furthemore it does show the number of files on the drive in disc utility. All the other parameters are the same as with the Sysmem drive with my XP install, where everything is visible and accessible. The 250GB drive works fine under XP.


BTW in the Disc Utility's disc info both volumes are shown as ATA.


Will probably be updating to 10.5.2 with Combo today and will also try to fix my graphics, if my install survive that - will try to fix the discs and will be most grateful for anyt advice.


UPD: Have updated to 10.5.2, fixed graphics and audio, but the drive is still empty. Furthermore, it does not mount at all after installing NTFS-3G. Any solutions?

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