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Leo4all Installed, no Network drivers or Video. Need some help.


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Hey guys,


After many trials and errors, I finally got 10.5.2 installed on my Asus M51Sn laptop. I had to use Vanilla Kernel 9.2.0, which was basically the only one that would allow me to boot without stopping at "using buffers.."


My problem now is that I have no Network drivers installed, sound or video. Right now, I'm focusing on Network so that I can use the web from the lappy. Can anyone walk me through how to install the drivers through OSX? or Terminal? My network card is 4965AGN or Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG.


I'm fairly new to Linux and the OSX world so keep that in mind, though for the last few months I've been trying to learn Ubuntu so I know a little bit of Terminal, not much. Thanks in advance, I appreciate any help.


Oh yeh, my Video is the Nvidia 9500GS (do OSX drivers exist?) and my sound card Integrated Intel® High Definition Audio chip ( Azalia) compliant MDC.

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