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Hackintosh Powermac G4 CPU fan clearance advice.

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Everyone here is a huge inspiration. I was going to ditch/recycle the Powermac G4 but after extensive reading I've decided to mod it to a hackintosh build.


One question though...


If I use a new powersupply that has a bottom 120mm vent fan and a mATX mobo the orientation is as follows... CPU will have the heatsink w/ fan super close to the powersupply's bottom and if I make the powersupply a bottom vented fan would it work to have the cpu fan pull air away from the heatsink/mobo towards the bottom fan of the PSU which gets vented outside directly?


I'm asking because the 2 fans will be in such close proximity it would not be efficient to have the CPU fan flow towards the heatsink and the PSU fan pulling air away into the PSU to the outside air.


Kinda hard to visualize I know but I cant think of a better design that can utilize both the 120mm PSU fan + the CPU fan as part of the total case airflow.


BTW, I'll most likely mod the bottom of the case where the HDDs are supposed to be to include a intake vent/fan (not sure) and possibly a vent/fan (not sure) on the top of the case.


Advice? Ideas? speculation is awesome.



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well the real issue is what should i do with the CPU fan and PSU fan. both fans will be super close to each other. If you look at some other photos here: last couple photos: http://www.s155158671.websitehome.co.uk/wi...pcinaapple.html


he runs into the same issue that I'm facing. That is when the door of the G4 casing is closed the CPU fan (zalman in his case) and the PSU will come into super close contact. I'm thinking about getting a PSU like the Corsair vx450w where there is a 120mm fan on the bottom. Now imagine the case closed and the Corsair PSU fan and the Zalman CPU fan practically meeting each other. Thats where i'm stuck.


Is it better to have the cpu and psu fan go the same direction (which is away from the mobo) or make the 2 fans go opposite ways (pulling air from between the 2 fans going separate ways)?



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