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loading Darwinx86 ....... restart...?

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Looks like he has an old system and not dual cores, so i dont think cpus=1 will help :)


i would say the pc_efi bootloader that kaly 10.5.1 is using causes the reboot issue. Try maybe with iatkos

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Secret is before you boot please press F8 then type -v -s cpus=1 then its wont restart :)


I tried that (have similar problem). Unfortunately it doesn't seem to help. Still keeps rebooting.

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me too.my computer bootting darwin about 1munite and auto restart i tryed with kalawy 10.5.2, leo4all,

but don't istall my pc

cpu amd 9500

motherboard msi k9a2 platium

ati hd 3870

dvd: LG sata

memorex ata

harddrive: ata

help me?

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I've that same problem.

After hitting Enter to continue with installation it shoes some lines and then reboots the computer.


Could it be related to NTFS system I've in the disk?


my specs:


Manufacturer: ASUS

Model: P4P800

Chipset: INTEL i865P/PE

BIOS version: AMIBIOS 08.00.09

Processor: Pentium 4 3.00Ghz

2.5 Gb RAM

ATI X1650 Pro


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