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LG P300 - Will it work?

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I have read in some various forums that people are having difficulties getting OSx86 installed on the new LG P300 laptop. Before running out and buying one, was curious if anyone got everything installed and running nicely?





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First at all sorry if my english is not hte best.


Last year I bougth one lg p300, recently i begin to work like a ruby on rails developer and I use textmate to develop. I have read some post about this notebook and his compability, but there is not a lot information about it. Now, i am working with ubuntu but the best option is install OS x.


Could someone that have this computer explain wich .iso is the best to run in this machine.


I have iPC_OSx86_10_5_6_Universal_PPF5_Final and iATkos 5i but i dont know wich is the best option.


If someone post his experiences trying to install OS X it will be very interesting for me.


Thanks a lot

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