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Harddrive instalation question


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Hi everyone,


Newbie here, I have done some googling etc but haven't been able to find an anwser - so I will now ask here.


I want to load Leopard onto my PC which is currently running XP Pro using a 320GB and 500GB hard-drive.


I have also got another new 500GB hard-drive that I want to put Leopard on.


My question is - do I unplug the windows hard-drives and plug in only the new drive when I install Leopard, or do I leave the windows drives connected. My goal is to eventally be able to boot into either OS on startup.


Your help will be much appreciated,


Thank you,

SonicNZ. :wacko:

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No, you don't need to unplug your Windows HD. if you have two HDs, one for win xp use the other one for Leopard.


just boot with your Leopard Installtion DVD and under disk utility for mat your new HD and name it Leopard,

then when you select the right HD to install Leopard select the one you format


After you finish installing Leopard and reboot hit "Esc" or what ever you have to select what HD you weant to boot from and from there you select your Leo, with out installing any adtion software in windows xp


this how I boot between my Windows Vista and Leopard.

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