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Handy Hackintosh runs Leopard

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THE CURRENT FAD for trying to run Apple's (almost) universally-praised operating system OSX Leopard on anything with a chip in it has reached a new benchmark.


A fine fellow known only as TRF has manged to cram the full OS into the world's smallest full featured PC, the OQO.


An eye-wateringly blurry video of the diminutive beastie appeared on Engadget this morning, and our digital imaging experts (that's me that is) reckon it's the real deal, straight from the cooker, without a chaser.


Pics of two OQOs running Vista and Leopard side-by-side only served to make us wonder what it is TRF does for a day job, as none of us here at Inq HQ could afford to buy two of these wallet-worrying widgets, let alone risk footling about in their innards just for a bit of a larf.


Cries of "Fake" and "Charlatan" and "Can you get it to work on my toaster?" have been dismissed by TRF.


"The Leopard install is legitimate and works quite well," he said in a forum post. "However, I am still working on two final issues which are video resolution, presently limited to 800x480, and wwan which I have not yet attempted. Sound, wifi, power management, and usb are working fine and the system is very responsive."


Source: http://www.theinquirer.net/gb/inquirer/new...sh-runs-leopard



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Look's like SomeOne Got Leopard Running on a OQO There is a Video of it running but its blurry

its a Dual Boot With Vista and Leopard and takes over two minutes to load.


CPU:Via C7M ULV 1.6GHz


Display:5" 800x480








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