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P5WDeluxe & 10.5.1 Kalyway BIOS Settings


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Im getting frustrated now... After reading lifehackers, Kalyways, and someother members P5W guide and watching some youtube videos, reading these forums I feel like a dumb ass.

After following these guides to a tee ive come to the conclusion that I need an extensive guide on the BIOS settings for my board. Im talking nitty gritty Bios guide to get my install working.


I have no problem installing the Kalyway DVD 10.5.1 it installs great! its after the fact that my problems show up.


My Machine:

Asus P5W Deluxe

Intel E6600

Corsair 6400c4 1GBx2 Matched

Asus Ati x1950 Pro PCIe

Western Digital 74GB Raptor SATA

Samsung SATA DVD Burner

Creative X-Fi Xtreme Music


I cannot seem to find a guide that show All the BIOS setting for this board.

Everyone says that the other setting shouldn't matter, aparently they do because I've ended up with many different errors posted on these forums.


Currently my BIOS settings are set good enough to get to the white apple boot screen but then it crashes with a darker screen saying "You need to restart your computer." This is progress for me. only one damn screen away from it running. Ive tried so many f-king settings!


Please if anyone has a P5w Deluxe or knows of a Full BIOS Guide for this board you will make my day! I need all settings or atleast just anyones that differ from the defaults.

Thank you kindly.

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Well being the impatient person I am im back to good ol vista. Im still a Mac-Virgin. Damn it. Don't get me wrong ill still be checking this thread. I just have {censored} to do and I hate using my GFs PC.

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