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Geforce 8400 GS 256 Device ID 0404 very odd behavior.


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I've got a EVGA 8400 GS 256. Appears to be same circuit board used for a 8400 GS 512. (Or maybe 8600)

Device is ID 0404.


Tryed several NVCAP's with no good results. It just doesn't want to do dual monitors it seems. Bios comes out on the VGA port. Then video switches to the DVI port and either shows a blue screen and locks. Or shows the desktop of the 2nd monitor in extend mode.... BUT the top 1/3rd or so of the screen keeps going black. The mouse is erattic when it does show up.... and moving the mouse to the top 1/3rd of the screen makes it show for a second, but there is no menu bar. Trying to click where a menu bar would be does nothing. The mouse isn't able to leave the screen and go to a different monitor.


Hot plugging doesn't seem to work either.


What makes this very odd, is that I have an 8600 GT with device ID 0402 and dual DVI... and it seems to work perfectly.


I may have made a mistake in my notetaking when I was trying NVCAPs.... so I'm going to go through the dozen or so most likely ones again, and post results on the forum with what they do... and maybe we can figure out a proper NVCAP to get these other 8400 cards working.


(Note: Its currently a $40 card at Newegg, with a $10 rebate. If we can get it working right, it should be a great card for the money.)

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I have the 512 version of the 8400 GS.

I have the same issue - no dual monitor support -


I have DVI working with the following EFI sting - added to com.apple.boot.plist


















Following NVCAP string used to create the string

04000000 00000400 08000000 00000007 00000000


Please share your results if any NVCAP works with dual monitor support -

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