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Help boot 10.5.2 on Asus M2N5-BN based MoBo


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Hello geniuses!


I am having problems with bootloaders from three different current builds of 10.5.2. I will post as much as I know about my hardware components. I hope someone here can help me.


I purchased this ASUS barebones unit: ASUS T3-M2NC51PV (http://www.asus.com/products.aspx?l1=1&l2=2&l3=407&l4=0&model=1155&modelmenu=1) and installed an AMD athlon x2 +4200 @ 2.2 GHZ & 2GB 667 ddr2 sdram.


This barebones is based on the Asus M2N5-BN except with an AM2 plug instead of a socket 939 plug. A review of this mobo can be found here for more background: http://www.anandtech.com/mb/showdoc.aspx?i=2626 .


This barebones setup features the Nvidia geforce 6150 integrated graphics chip (North Bridge: Nvidia C51PV) and South Bridge: Nvidia MCP51.


I am using a 120 GB IDE hard drive partitioned into 4 parts (hd0,0: ntfs,windows xp ~70 GB; hd0,1: ext2, ubuntu 8.04 ~20 GB; hd0,2: FAT32 (10.5); hd0,3: linuxswap ~0.5 GB). There is only one IDE connector on this mobo.


I am using a S-ATA dvd burner. This is connected to S-ATA port 2 according to the BIOS. There are there internal and one external S-ATA connections.



Screenshots below are taken using the leo4all v3 disk. Regarding the screen shots:


1: First screenshot depicts the computer trying to boot into the bootloader without any modifications to the command line.

2: Second screenshot depicts the computer trying to boot with the verbose command (-v) at the prompt.

3: Third screenshot depicts the computer trying to boot with "-x -v" at the prompt.

4: Fourth screenshot depicts the computer trying to boot with "-f -v" at the prompt.


None of these options work.


I have also update the bios to the latest beta release (http://support.asus.com/download/download.aspx?SLanguage=en-us&model=T3-M2NC51PV) which does not allow for overclocking. If anyone wants to help with that subject that would be fantastic as well! :-D


I have not modified any of the settings to the BIOS besides setting the graphics memory from "AUTO" to "256 MB"


Why will this computer not boot past the bootloader into the installer?! Why does it ALWAYS fail? What do I need to do to get it to install? Do it need to purchase something? (Like a S-ATA HD?) I know one other person on this board with the exact same setup and also cannot get past the initial bootloader. Please help the community and share your thoughts!





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