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Zephyroth Installation help PLS!


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First off I am a newbie to this OSX86 project so forgive me...


I just finished installing Zephyroth 10.5.2, I tried others as well like iATKOS, and Kalyway but they wouldnt boot at all. After i got the "Installation Successful" message I rebooted, took out the DVD but I get a blinking cursor "_". I tried using G-parted to boot the partition but it wouldn't. My installation is on a 40gb IDE drive partitoned into 1(I used the disk utility built into mac to partiton and for option i chose MBR). I tried fdisk but it wouldnt work for me.


My Spec:

AMD 4600+ X2

NVIDIA® Quadro NVS210S and nForce 430 Chipset

Nvidia 9600gt

I also have Windows Xp pro on another drive which I unplugged during installation.


PLEASE HELP....Thxs in advance

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