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Samsung DVD SH-S203N Toast error


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Hi everyone.


I am having a wierd problem.

I have OSX86 10.4.9 running for last 6 weeks without any problem.

My previous DVDRW burned more than 200 DVDs on OSX86 and suddenly stopped working.

I bought a new DVDRW file Samrung SH-S203N SATA.

My motherboard recognises the drive, OSX shows the drive in System Profiler but when i try to burn anything in the drive, toast 9 gives me few error. but my old phillips ATA DVDRW drive burns dvd fine with Toast 9.


I have added the screen shots from Toast 9 and System Profiler.


Only reason i am using the new drive for faster dvd burning.

If SATA drives doesn't work, then ATA is a safe choice ?


Can anyone tell me how to make the DVDRW work ?


AMD opteron 2 dual core CPU


Tyan MB KW8

4TB HD (4 SATA, 4 ATA)







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Hey, did you ever figure it out? I have the same drive, but running 10.5.7 and toast 10.......same issue however. System sees it, but I can't burn. Am I screwed with this drive? Is there some workaround or something that can make this work? Thanks

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