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Airport not functioning


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I'am working with Leo4all V2 on a HP t860. Sofar everythings works also a wireless ralink RT2500 cardbus wgpci03 pci card. Airport does not recognize the card so i had to inject the Ralink tiger 10.4.2 config tool.

If i start that tool my ralink card works without problems.If i do an airport scan with the ralink tool active it still does not see the pci card. What can i do to to get it recognized by airport.


thanks in advance

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Where did you get the tiger 10.4.2 config tool? People here have been trying to get RT2500 cardbus PCI cards working for a year with no luck. Are you sure it works?


Can you browse the web with Safari?


The config tool for the MAC you can get that from the ralink site. It is a tiger tool but it works for me.

otherwise i could not write this down at the moment. In stead of safari i use Camino 1.6.

I will attach the file it concerned. It is a DMG file.


The configtool works on my system. Maybe on other systems you get an kernel panic.

So use it at your own risk. And make an backup before you try it.


Have fun.


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