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new build...compat error?

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so, i decided to delve into the darkside and build a hackintosh.



e6850 3ghz dual core

asus p5nsli motherboard

2gb kingston ram

xfx 8600gt vid card

250gb sata hdd



when i go to boot kalyway, i get to "still waiting for root device"...wont proceed any further.


i've searched for info, but cant find any.


itchin to get this goin. im bored at work!


thanks for any help guys!

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i've tried both IDE hdd's and dvdroms, and sata for both also.


i built this box just for this purpose :s


edit: just did a silicon image addon sata controller card.


did rd=disk0s1


the installer found the drive during init.


then gets to "mac os version: not yet set" and then "kernel version: 9.2.0 "

then stops there. doesnt do anything.

argh :(

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