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Motherboard choice

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Dear friends,


Please, advise me a motherboard for MacOS, for such requirements.


Motherboard with Socket 775 (for Intel Core Duo), with integrated video and DVI (I wish to connect 26" monitor with 1920x1200, excellent text quality is necessary, but separate videocard it would not be desirable for money and power reasons).


Not less than two PCI, not less than two PCI-E, Not less than four (but more - is better) SATA (RAID is not obligatory), it is desirable Not less than one FireWire, one COM-port and one PATA, and it is desirable - more than two memory slots. It is desirable - 1000 MB Ethernet.


Motherboard should be qualitative and all these devices should be are compatible with MacOS 10.5.x.


Many thanks!!!

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Hi Sawwal,


First thing to do is head over to the wiki and check out the HCL.




It seems that the Intel chips sets are easier to get working than the nVidia. Some of the most used board are:


Intel D975XBX2 (pretty old but well studied), Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3 or GA-EP35-DS4, Asrock Conroe 1333, ASUS P5K...


but U're gonna have to look around. If U are into 771 processors check out:




There are also threads on x38 and x48 boards:






but really, U are going to have to spend some time, look around and do your homework.





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