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OSX 10.5 Leopard Boot DVD Help


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Im trying to install through a ide dvd rom but put the disc in the drive and set to botot from dv/dvd and,can t get it to, boot , should i go out and buy a sata one?


done a seach most ide dvd drive are not compatable?right?


System spec


Core 2 duo 2.4Ghz E6600

ASRock Board CoreRoe 945G-DVI

1GB 667mhZ ram

7950gt WINFast 256





so i know my system can handle ,but dosen t seem to reconize the disc? what so ever







TORRENT HASH - B2DEF56863416906739C91D85F3989A4F7D17512


there two ISO in the zip file , do i only need the 4.37gb one to boot?


regards martyn

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i now have manage to install osx 10.5, but it keep reastarting on my , no video ,nothing what m i doing wrong , do i need to boot back it CD ? OR hdd?to load it ......


i should just be a able to boot on the hdd and the boot loader runs and osx 10.5 starts , im gon start do a new custom install and try again ....

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Hi, can u say me how you did it? I burned the image on 4.37GB and the first time I got to the language menu but then it froze, I took a restart but now it freez when all the commands in the start are running :S Do you know?


My specs:

Asus P5N-E SLI bios 0901

8800GTS 640MB

4096MB ram

Intel E4300@3.1 GHz

74 gig raptor for windows SATA

500 Gig for files SATA

320 Gig for files SATA

and 40Gig IDE to install leopard on.


I have an SATA DVD burner/reader if that have nothing to do with this.

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