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Optimizing my iATKOS setup.


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Hi all. I'll say firstly that I'm very impressed with the port. Considering how difficult the task would've been, it is pretty damn awesome!!


So, I'm using iATKOS 1.0ir2. I only selected stock kernel and EFI bootloader during setup. After setup, I ran AppleHDA and NVInstaller 0.41. For the most part, it's stable and quite functional. But, I'm having several problems.


Firstly, I have noticed that it has speed problems. Doomsday works fairly well at 50FPS at 1280 * 800. Darwine, however, is horribly slow. And Metal Blob Solid works fine, until the particle effects start flying. Then it crawls until they disappear.


The second issue is the sound won't come out of the earphone port. Only the speakers. Funny enough, the case is reversed inside Linux. I'm not too fussed about this, but if anyone has any ideas, I'm interested. :(


It won't shutdown by itself either. Restarting works fine. I tried the additional kernel option during NVInstaller, but it resulted in a dud setup.


Last issue, the wireless doesn't work. But as far as I know, that's in an early state as it is, so I'll worry later. I still have Ethernet.


Thanks in advance. :P

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