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Leo4All install disk vs. Kalyway

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Hey guys, I was wondering what the difference between Leo4All and Kalyway... does one have better drivers/ktexts. If I already got Kalyway is Leo4All worth getting instead of Kalyway?


I was also wondering how I should know what NVInject I should check?


Also I was curious as the what Kernel people would suggest for me, I have a Pentium 4 Hyperthreading Prescott Core @ 3.0Ghz (Supports SSE2 and SSE3)


sleepkernel (intel/amd/sse2/sse3)

speedstepkernel (intel/amd/sse2/sse3)

nforcekernel (intel/sse3)

modbinkernel (intel/amd/sse3)

vanillakernel (intel/sse3)

kabylkernel (intel/sse3) with sleep support


Now Vanilla Kernal is what I should use if my computer can support the EFI loader, but I don't think it can because it doesnt have a 2 core processor... is this correct?

I hear most people talking about sleepkernal and speedstepkernal. Are these often the most popular, I have tried not only searching for also looking through posts for information about different bioses but was unable to figure it out. I really appreciate the help!

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You are asking basic questions you can answer by searching and reading.


You do not list your motherboard. You cannot use the vanilla kernel with a PentiumHT.


Try installing the kalyway 10.5.1 for starts, use the default kernel (DO NOT select vanilla). What else you willneed depends on your MB, so start searching and reading. But start there. This is the beginning of a learning experience....

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