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Installing from retail mac os X 10.5.2 dvd question


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Sorry, I am very n00b...


I've already downloaded PC EFI v 8.0. The question is, I read that Psystars did an install on machines with only EFI and the dvd retail. Is that possible? Or I do have to download a iso image in order to install it on my pc?

My pc configuration is

1. Motherboard: Intel 946 GZis

2. BIOS: dunno

3. Chipset: Chipset Intel 946GZ

4. LAN: Intel Pro 10/100 Network connection

6. Processor: Intel Duo2core E4300

7. Drives: Western Digital 200 GB IDE, Seagate 250 GB SATA II

8. Optical: Pioneer AX08L

9. RAM: Kingston 1 GB@667 Mhz

10. Graphic: IGMA 3000 (onboard)

Thanks in advance. I'd be really grateful if any of you could shed some light into this matter *try reading some tutorial stuff while waiting for an answer*

><; - Sorry about my English

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