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Dual Core Working on Inspiron 6400/E1505

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The Dell Inspiron E1505/6400's ICH7M motherboard supports AHCI (same motherboard as used in earlier MacBook Pros). However, the Dell BIOS does not. In order to get Dual Core working without graphical stuttering, we must first enable AHCI (advanced host controller interface) in the Dell BIOS.


AHCI will not allow us to use our full two cores in Leopard or Tiger, but it will also give up to 30 percent performance benefits in other Operating systems, such as Vista and Linux.


To tell Dell to enable AHCI in the 6400's BIOS, just click the link below and then, in the upper right corner, click Promote (with the up arrow).

Just create an account (all you need to provide is an email) and leave a comment, and if enough of us users do this, Dell will take a look at it.


(These websites are part of Dell's IdeaStorm page- if you want, do this for both pages!):






I really hope that Dell listens to us! It would be so great to have Dual Core performance in OS X.



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