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After install, no sound?!?!


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So I'm sitting here with this beat up Sony Vaio "PCG-V505DX" laptop. The internal hard drive failed a while back so nobody cares what I do with the system as long as I don't physically bust it :P


Anyway, I installed Kalyway 10.5.1 last night into this morning (got no sleep anticipating it). I probably won't use this system anyways (probably give it to the family if they feel like buying an internal hard drive for it), so I am not stressing over it much. I just find it frustrating that there is no sound and even my wireless wifi adapter (WL-167G) that is made for OSX on real macs is telling me through System Preferences that it has a self-assigned IP address and can't connnect, even though I've got the latest driver and app and the app says that it's connected to the WEP-encrypted network just fine.


I'm thinking that a big part of these problems could be because the bios doesn't support booting from a usb hdd. I have to use the install disk, type "mach_kernel -v rd=disk2s1" at the prompt, and it loads stuff from the dvd and then eventually starts loading off the usb hdd. I know that disconnecting and reconnecting the wifi adapter is usually a way to get the device recognized correctly but no matter what I do (even disconnecting and reconnecting multiple times during boot up), System Preferences keeps telling me that it is assigning its own IP address. I hope I don't have the networking problem with my good pc that will hopefully work with this new external I'm using now for this :P


specs are:


1.4MHz Intel Centrino (Pentium right?) 1.4GHz (I think it's caramel, the earliest version. I think that means it has SSE2, which I chose a package for during install.


ATi Mobility Radeon 9200 (QE/CI isn't supported)

external is 250GB :)


sorry it's so long, I always do that...

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