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Post Boot lockup in Dell Vostro 1400


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I am installing Kalyway on Dell Vostro 1400. The install goes smoothly, with the anomaly that I can't find the option of setting the partition scheme independently of reformatting it via the Erase option in the Disk Utility. I am installing it with a duo core, both processors running, AHCI STAT settings, setting up a triple boot box with WinXP and Linux, the partitions set as such:





Linux swap


I have installed it with and without SSE2, on FAT32, MAC Extended, Extended Journaled and Extended... Case Sensitive. As I said, all goes well during the installation. The boot starts and, when using the GUI, it just freezes; no response after leaving it sitting for up to 7 hours. When installing via the text route, it hangs [typically] on the DNSresponder.


Has anyone else experienced this and found or created a fix that can get me up and running? wacko.gif

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