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Installing Tiger On My VAIO


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Below is all the info to see what would run better tiger or leopard, also for which ever os it is, can u give me a tutorial on how to dual boot windows vista and mac os x leopord or tiger.




Thats my pc, the ram is 2 gbs taht i added and i put in a new sound card, creative audigy se. I am currently running vista ultimate sp1 with no problem. Before u say, well the pc is tool old, yes its old 4 years old, but if i can run vista ultiamte fine then the mac os should run. i want to dual boot vista and the latest mac. Also, being that i will download the mac os from here do i need a serial or any type of activation or what?


Thanks Everyone. If there is drivers i need to get it workin wit mac then let me know. thanks so much.


If u need specs on my pc, google it, model is PCV-RS710G Sony Vaio.


thanks so much.


If u need specs on my pc, google it, model is PCV-RS710G Sony Vaio.



^ Some specs posting more also will this run on a dual boot with vista, if i put vista on 1 hd and mac os on the other? I currently run vista ultimate.





All my tech specs and also i have 2 gbs of ddr ram, a nvidia fx 5200 series, sound blaster audigy se. thats all of my specs

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