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Boots in Safe Mode but hangs on directory services in verobse?


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Sorry If im repeat posting. I've been googling and searching the forums for a few days, but i might just be blind (which i often am)


My specs:

MSI 975x Platinum edition Mobo.

Intel Core2 Duo CPU

HD Ati Radeon 2600 graphics Card

abit AirPace 802.11b/g PCI Express Mini Card


I installed iATKOS ir2 with little or no problems. I had a slight problem booting my first time because i didn't have usb keyboard which i have now remedied, but i can only get it to boot into safe mode. In safe mode it works no problem, but when trying to boot regular (verbose) it stops at

"localhost DirectoryService[31]: Launched version 5.0 (v514)"

or sometimes it gets one more line to

"localhost DirectoryService[31]: WARNING - dstouch: file was asked to be opened </Library/Preferences/DirectoryService/ .DSIsRunning>: (File Exists)"


Any Idea's? I tried removing my abit AirPace PCI Express Mini Card, because i figured that was one thing that didn't boot with safe mode.. Nada. Any other idea's? I can't seem to think what else i could change.


Thanks for any and all help.

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