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Booting from Silicon 3132 Raid setup

Dr. Fresh

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I am attempting to install and boot OS X from two 200GB Maxtor SATA drives set at Raid0 using my onboard Silicon Image 3132 Raid controller. This controller is fully supported by Leopard 10.5 and I was able to partition the drive to a full 400GB, and use the drive from my current Leopard install. The problem is, when I boot from the Kalyway 10.5.1 Leopard disc, it wont see the Raid setup as there are no 3132 drivers on the boot DVD. How do I go about installing OS X on this Raid drive? I have attempted to install using a disc image of the Kalyway DVD and running "OSInstall.mpkg", but this did not work (blinking cursor on boot). I also tried leaving the Kalyway DVD in the drive on bootup, but it gave me "com.apple.boot.plist not found". Is there a way to slipstream the Raid drivers onto the Kalyway disc perhaps?


Help me!



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