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Lookingr hints on debugging random crashes


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I have 10.5.2 installed and working well **except** I'm getting random freeze-ups and I have to power off my machine. Each time the top third of my screen gets garbled, so my thoughts are maybe grapihcs card related (overheating maybe).


any hints on how to dissect what's going on, any log files to look at? I tried console messages but don't see anything. I'm monitoring my processor temperatures and they seem stead at around 54c which I believe is fine.




OH one more maybe stupid question. How do I know if I have EFI installed? I used KALAWAY and installed vanilla kernel.

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The same problem exists (10.5.2 from Leo v3). All works fine, but... System freezes from time to time

IMHO system holds while network actions performed

10.4.9 hadn't any problems


Dual Core Intel 2Ghz on i945GC (Asus P5GC-MX)

Internal Video

Intel Gigabit Lan Pro

SATA drive 250Gb Samsung

3Gb RAM 2+1 (5300)

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Intel core 2 duo 1.6 GHZ

4 gig memory

ati x1950 pro graphics card (running @ 1440x900, 75hz)

running vanilla kernel

wireless network using USB adapter



No overheating problems on Vista (and I play some pretty intensive games, WOW, BIOShOCK etc)

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