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Icon for an ext3 partition


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I have been trying to solve a little problem for several days without success.


I installed a triple boot on my MBP. I managed to change the names of the two other partitions (Win and Linux) displayed in Leopard. I managed to change the icon for the Windows partition as well. Just one thing to do left : change the icon for the Linux partition. And here is the issue.


The problem is that we can't have a write access to an ext3 partition from OS X in HFS+ journaled (if you had a solution for that, it would be really great, but I don't ask so much !). So the usual methods to change icons are not valid here. There is obviously no .VolumeIcon.icns file at the root of the Linux partition. I tried to add one from Linux, with no result.


<_< Does someone have an idea ?


I could try things if I knew the way OS X assign icons to elements (script giving the path of the .icns file, location of this file, etc), but I did not find anything about it, even with hard googling. I know that the default .icns files for folders, usb storages, ... are easily reached in System>Library. But I did not see the default icon for hard disks. Since at the beginning there is just one partition, maybe the reference file is just the .VolumeIcon.icns of Macintosh HD, copied and paste if necessary.


:( I precise that I'm using ext2fsx. I think that to solve the issue we have to know how OS X overpasses the lack of write rights (to create the .VolumeIcon.icns) through ext2fsx in order to assign an icon to the ext3 volume anymay.


;) I'm aware of the solution of changing the format of the partitions (Linux in FAT32 for instance), but I'm not interested in it.


Any contribution will really be appreciated.




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