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RTL8139 10kB/s (Leo4all)


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Hello everybody,


To start with, I'm relatively new to osx86, but not for IT and I've already RT(F)M, but couldn't find anything so:


I've installed leo4all to my (desktop) box. Almost everything works, but I'm confuzed with my rtl8139 on-board lan card.

so.: without changing any kexts, the network initializes (static ip), and I have internet only at about TEN KILOBYTES PER SEC. (My netconn is much faster, it's only like 5-10% of the whole bandwidth). I've already turned off ipv6, but it doesn't matter, because not the DNS is slow, but the conn itself.

As an other thing, I cannot access the LAN smb:// shares (even the ones without authentication).

(((I don't really know if it matters from this aspect, but e.g. if I click on a share in Finder, Conn fails, and there's a button ("Connect As...") which does absolutely nothing)))

What do you think that I sould do with it?


Thanks for your answers, I really hope you find my symptom interesting.



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