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New Install in a Restarting Loop - Kalyway


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I'm obviously new at this and followed some of the suggestions of the Lifehacker guide using Kalyway 10.5.1.


  • MB: ASUS P5W DH Deluxe with most recent BIOS
  • CPU: e8200
  • VGA: eVGA GeForce 8600GT
  • RAM: currently 2 GB in one unit
  • Hard drive: single 1TB WD green drive

I tried to follow all the BIOS screens from the lifehacker post ("no hacking required") and then did just as Adam did in that post (GUID, single partition, same "customize" options). It gets through the install without any difficulty. On that initial restart, it basically flashes the gray screen with a white apple logo before instantly loosing power and restarting. It then endlessly performs this restart loop.


While there is a lot on this message board (even a lot about restarting loops after a new install), I wasn't really able to find an explanation which seemed to fit my situation.


Any guidance would be very much apprectiated.



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Try this and read the messages (maybe a kernel panic)


Boot with -v (when the darwin Bootloader appears,press F8,type -v,and the hit ENTER).Post the messages here so someone could help you (if you can,a picture)...


Boot with -v -x (now safe mode included):if you can start your system with this flag,maybe the problems are some "drivers"...


This will help you to see what's going on...

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Thanks for the help. When I use the -v command the following two things happen:


1) there is some text in a regular size font which fills the screen


2) smaller text then fills a portion of the screen for perhaps one second before the screen goes totally blank and the computer restarts


See the blurry shots below - I'm not really sure how helpful they are


Thanks for the help!






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