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hey guys,


I downloaded kalyway 10.5.2 intel amd


in that folder came a .iso image, a read me file & a folder Add Kext to dvd


so being impatient as i am.


i burned the image onto a dvd [which reads on my hdd as 3.8gigs, but only has 2 small files on it???? is that correct]


im trying this on another computer so i booted with the dvd and got as far as the screen which asks me if i want to install boot kalyway 10.5.2 or press f8 for other options.


which ever option i choose all that happens is it seems like its starting to load then reboots...



so i presume i need to download some kernels and put them on the dvd, but i am wondering which kernels should i load or where on the dvd should i put them do they need to go in a folder or just put them striaght onto it.


i have downloaded


Kalyway.10.5.2.ALL_KERNELS.pkg but cannot open it to extract any kernels,


im new so im lost, any help would be great im using a


tyan thunder s2927 motherboard

amd 64 fx-70 1.8ghz

asus en7600g graphics



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