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[Triple Boot Support] Configuring GRUB to load MACOSX

Cyber Akuma

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Ok, I FINALLY managed to create a partition that the MACOSX installer would actually be able to see and installed MACOSX.


Since I already have Vista and Ubuntu installed, and planned to triple-boot, I didn't select a bootloader option when installing, planning to go with GRUB.


Now, MACOSX has been installed, but I need to configure GRUB before I can get into it, and see if all the options I chose on install time even left me with a bootable copy.


However, no matter what I have tried adding to /boot/grub/menu.lst, I cannot get MACOSX to boot (Vista and Ubuntu still work fine).


I keep getting "Grub Error 13: "Invalid or unsupported executable format"" no matter what I try, I attempted to google this but severeal variations I attempted still give me the same problem. If I attempt to manually specify a kernel then I get "Error 17: cannot mount partitition."


I also noticed that fdisk in Ubuntu displayed my MACOSX partition as "Unknown" although GParted was able to identify it as HFS+, I was also able to mount it in Ubuntu and view it's contents.


So now that I have everything installed, how do I make MacOS bootable without breaking my other two OSes?

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