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HP dv6232BR

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EDIT: Please move it to the appropriate forum section. My mistake.



I recently installed Leopard on my notebook. It's pretty unstable right now, so any help to get it to make it usable would be great. :) I've been searching on wikis, but there's not much for AMDs.


It took a while to work, but using "platform=X86PC cpus=1 -x" made installation disc work a couple of times.


After installed, I had issues with my keyboard and my touchpad, but it's really intermittent.


I selected a lot of kext to install on setup, but apparently none of them are loaded right away, which is not good.


Also, sometimes a forbidden sign (/) appears when loading it. And it can be painfully slow, too.


I've tried some irc channels, but none of them seemed to have some experiences with AMD EFI iso.






EDIT: Looks like I finally managed to use it! Installed nforce ethernet controller.kext, fooled around with some permissions and it's almost set:

Now I've got keyboard layout problems, NVIDIA drivers aren't being loaded (howto?) and sound isn't working either.

I'm on a dv6232br from HP, with almost everything NVIDIA MCP 51 based.

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