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AMD Users and Successful Installations  

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  1. 1. Are you a frustrated AMD user!!?? I AM AND I NEED HELP JUST LIKE YOU!!!!

    • I have had a successful AMD installation of any Apple OS
    • I haven't had a successful AMD installation of any Apple OS
    • I haven't bothered to try
    • I'm curious.....
    • What is APPLE!!!!!!
    • I have added a commen to this forum!
    • I have helped someone with they're installation on an AMD and will offer to help others on this forum gladly :D !!!!!!

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Hello I am Alex!


I have a Toshiba A215-S4697

Here are my specs:

@ AMD Turion x86-64 Dual Core SSE2, SSE3, 3D Now, MMX

@ 1 gig RAM

@ ATI Radeon Graphics Card RS690/S690

@ Worst of all...AMD

@ That's All...


Ok. So I am very aware of the anit-piracy policy on this website. There should be no sharing of links. But there is always my email so if you have any "personal" questions feel free to do so.


I have an AMD like many of you users. Let me tell you that this will be mainly a comment forum. Most resolutions (even mine) will be made through comments. I have tried numerous times finding any Mac OS X installation but have given up because I have no idea what is legit.


So if any of you can offer some "personal" information (links to downloads), that would also be greatly appreciated then I could share it with the rest of you.




My email:






Mac OS X is very tricky to install even when using Kalyway OR iAtkos. I am not sure what versions will work, and how to patch them. Many of you have this question. I do not know the answer but I am expecting someone to post a link showing a tutorial of how to install OS X on ANY AMD.


Please leae questions and comments below....




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