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Hard question to answer...


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Ok , I have intel hda sound card on my t60.

i used iatkos 10.5.1 + kalyway update and everything is fine.

my sound card stopped working after updates ,

what i did i copied the kext file to the folder (appleazalia.kext)



vooilaa.. it started working..


i restarted... it continued working.. restarted.. it worked again... then it stopped working after a couple of

restarts without doing anything.


what i did to solve. i moved the file from the directory , and copied it back to directory and restarted..


voillaa again.. it started working.. when it stops.. i do this and it keeps starting everytime i do this.


so... what do you think?


is there a way to force autodetect or start audio services? or force files to work without doing this.


Anyone with a reasonable answer will be rewarded with gma950 hardware accelerated driver kext file %100 working...

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