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Keyboard and Touchpad won't work


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Hey guy's,

i managed to get my MacOS running but I still got several problems:


My keyboard and my touchpad won't work

my System fan won't work ( maybe he gets no signal to run or so ... )


When I take the DVD out of the drive I'll get a "HFS+ Partition error" and MacOS won't boot anymore ( my other System is now Vista ).


Is there any tool so that I can fix those urgent issues?


My other errors are that no network connection works, the resolution is not right and stuff, but I think there are many solutions in this board posted so i can fix them myself - when the other stuff is solved :D.



Lenovo 3000 N200

Core2Duo 2 Ghz

2 Gigs Ram

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I heard from another guy with this issue, he always have to boot osx then reboot and then i would say bios detects how hot the cpu is and turns on the fan ;)


have u done something with AppleThermal.kext or so?

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