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Install iatkos 1.0ir2, but only work in safemode?


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Hello people

hope somebody can help me ..

I installed Leopard using Iatkos 1.0ir2, and was able to boot in the first time. Watching the video, setting up my "mac" without problem. But after I restart the computer, it show the black screen of "please turn off or restart the computer". After that, IÄm only able to boot in safe mode (but everything's work out of the box except sound) Booting with -v show this line : darwin kernel version 9.1.0 date and time, then hang.

my computer :

Intel Pentium D 945 3,4 Ghz

MSI Radeon X9150 Pro

1536 MB DDR 2 SD RAM

Mainboard : ASUS P5LD2

Here's a picture of my newly "imac"


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hello too,

i am also having the same problem, Actually i was unable to complete

installation..after i got a solution from the forum to get in to safemode

it worked but i can only login through safe mode....If you find any solution

let me know....i will try to find alsoo

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