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Asus P5k-E WIFI-AP edition questions..

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Okay first off i am new here, and i apologize if this is the wrong section (mods please move accordingly, but let me know where you move it to) Story: I got Leo working on my new PC with the following parts:Mother board:--- Asus P5k-E Wifi-AP EditionProcessor: -------Intel 2.67ghz (not oc'ed) intel core 2 duoRam:--------------2gb corsair HD:----------------Maxtor 80gb IDE for mac (seagate 250gb for xp) (with a 250gb sata hd on the way for the mac os)Like i said, i got the mac os installed just fine, and everything seems to work so far. I have not tested the audio yet (no music on the computer)BUT what doesnt work: Wifi, ethernet......What i have tried: installing the IONetworkFamily.kext and the realtek drivers but i have not had any luck. I tried just copying and pasting the ionnetworkfamily.kext into the extentions folder without much luck. i usually get an error. I have searched these boards without much luck for the mobo, im sorry if i have overlooked this. But i am hoping to get my desktop looking as good as my (real) mac laptop ^_^ Please help a mac nOOb here :SJonoh and i also tried Kext helper 0.7 but that didnt seem to work either.. :P

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