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HFS+ Partition error on boot


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After trying quite a few different osx86 releases, I finally got Kalyway 10.5.1 installed on my Asus V1S.

The problem now however is that trying to boot the install  directly gives me "HFS+ Partition error" both when setting the partition (which is primary) to active to boot directly to Darwin, and when using chain0 in XP.


I can load the OSX install by booting from DVD (cpus=1 rd=disk0s3), but this always boots into safe mode, which is not excactly a permanent solution...


My partition setup:


MBR: Vista Boot Loader





OSX (chain0 - tried putting it both on the Vista and XP partitions, but only C: (Vista) would work.)


I know there are several posts about this HFS+ Partition error, but none of them have been very helpful to me.

As I primarily will be using OSX for research, I could live with having to boot from CD,  but as this gives me only Safe Mode, I guess I can't have neither network connections or high performance graphics drivers.

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