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Leopard 10.5.1 flat image post install problems


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recently i attempted to install leopard 10.5.1 flat image to an extra partition.


the install went through o.k. ; it copied all the necessary files to the partition i allocated using the "dd if=leopard of=\\?device\harddisk0\partition4 bs32256 skip1 --progress pause" switch


after that i even was able to see what was copied using macdrive and from what i saw it looked like all the work was practically done, i proceeded to easy bcd to add my newly installed osx to the boot menu; that was simple too


but did it work?




it gave me a message the following message:


Windows Boot Manager

Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the

cause. To fix the Problem:


1. Insert your windows installation disc and restart your computer.

2. Choose your language settings, and then click "next".

3. Click "repair your computer".


If you do not have this disc, contact your system administrator or computer

manufacturer for assistance.


File: \NST\nst_mac.mbr


Status: 0xc0000001


Info: The selected entry could not be loaded because the application is

missing or corrupt.


but not wanting to give up on this quick like many people have done, i started to look for a solution, but kept coming up empty handed, there is seldom installation guides to installing the flat image


there must be a way to get this system to boot leopard, chain0? tboot?


please help


heres my system specs


hp tx1410


4gbs corsair ddr2 667mhz

windows vista home premium/xp 64bit

Amd Turion 64 x2 TL-64 2200mhz

Nvidia Geforce Go 6150

Nvidia Nforce 410/430 MCP

Broadcom 802.11 a/b/g/n-draft

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The flat image you used was not made to run of any controller without installing the correct kext for your specific controller!

You can however install it on a USB device, boot from it, then install or activate whatever controller kext you should, then put the drive in a machine and boot from it





Never take advice from "Dumbasses"!

Repairing is like defrag......


never do a "repair" it never works
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is there a way to add the specific kext for my chipset? and what is the correct way of booting this system ?


chain 0 or tboot?


i dont have a usb hdd pr flash drive big enough to put the image too...


separate partition is my only way

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Download easybcd. It's very user friendly. Go to add/edit entries and add an entry for mac, select x86 generic PC and don't change anything else. It will boot from a boot file stored in C:\NST\. Save and reboot and if all goes well then you should come up at a boot screen, select whatever you named your mac entry, and then press F8 (quickly) so that you can get to the Darwin bootloader. You should see (similar to the Easybcd boot screen) an option to boot Vista (or XP or whatever it is) as well as your mac partition. Select Mac and boot with -v (in case anything goes wrong). With my setup I HAVE to press F8 after initially selecting my mac partition from the easybcd bootloader or it loops back.


And for the kernel... You can use Macdrive for that. Rename the original Mach_kernel to "Mach_kernel.backup" and copy your new kernel to the same folder (In my case it was directly on E:\). However my problem is that I can't get it running because I haven't found a good patch for it. It sucks because I have no other copy of OS X on my computer to run Marvin's AMD Utility. However, I'm not sure if that is the right approach, but what I do know is that it worked smoothly on vmware after patching it via pcwiz's vmware method and he used the same flat image to do so. If only my DVD drive worked, I wouldn't have to go through all of this. I can tell you though, it's good enough just to have mac installed on a partition because you know that you can tweak it.

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