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"Upgrading" my G4 case


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like other people here, I modded a G4 case and installed an eVGA nForce4 mAtx motherboard in it with an 4800+ X2.


It works ok, but not great, especially comparing to my P5W DH rig. It has a lot of little bugs and crash there and there. Not quite ready for prime time.


I kinda expected that, but now I can afford to upgrade the major component of this case (motherboard, cpu, RAM and possibly the PSU).


I could also replace the case with a full atx one, but first I would like to see if I can get one mAtx that works very well, like my other rig. So far here's the motherboard from my search that could possibly fit the bill:






If you guys know any other Intel matx motherboard that works flawlessly or almost, or if you have actual experience with those models, please let me know.


Another concern is the temperature of the cpu. The G4 airflow isn't the best, and with two instances of prime95 booted in windows, my 4800+ X2 go as high as 65 celcius with a Zalman 7000B, not very good for a machine that can go into a crunching session of several days occasionnally.


I guess a 2160-2180 or a 4500 wouldn't be that hot in there, but I wonder what temperatures others modders get from their G4 modded case, especially the one that didn't mod the appearance of the case too much.


Thxs for any infos.

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