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What wireless card to buy?


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I have a build-in wireless card with a RT2500USB chipset in my computer which I managed to get working with some minor problems some time ago. After installing a different AppleSMBIOS.kext to make my Mozy work it actually made my wireless card NOT WORK anymore. By the way, Mozy still doesn't work. :D Now I can't get the wireless card working again. I even tried going back with Time Machine. This didn't do the trick (next time I will create an image of my whole partition before installing anything) but took me about five hours to get everything working again. Except wireless of course...


So, since I'm fed up with this frecking RT2500, I'm going to buy a new wireless card.


Can anyone recommend a not to pricy wireless card which is fully supported by Kalyway 10.5.2 either out of the box or with really easy to install driver? Recognition as Airport device would be nice but not necessary. At least WPA and IEEE802.11g should be supported. USB preferred, PCI is fine, too.


Awaiting patiently (and with a very long network cable) for your suggestions... :hammer:

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