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How would i boot into this?

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Hey, i have another problem.

I finally got Kalyway 10.5.1 installed on an external hard drive but im having problems booting into it.


heres my partitions in their hard drives:


Internal Hard drive

Windows XP-1st Partition

Unallocated Space-2nd Partition


External Hard drive

OSX Leopard-1st Partition

NTFS Logical (Spare for Windows)-2nd Partition


I tried the chain0 method but it told me to add this: C:\chain0="Mac OS X86"

But the problem is my OSX install isnt on the C drive, its on the E drive in the first partition.


Would i just change it to: E:\chain0="Mac OS X86" but wouldnt i then need the chain0 file on the OSX partition? Which i cant do because it is in the hfs+ format and windows cant access it like a normal NTFS/FAT32 drive.


Thanks smile.gif

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What the C:\chain0 means is that you will put the chain0 file from your OSx86 install disk in the root of your C:\ drive.


So what is happening, is that you are directing the windows boot loader to the chain0 file on your C:\ drive, and the chain0 file is pointing to your OSx86 install on your second HDD.


So, just copy the chain0 file from your OSx86 install DVD to the root of you C: drive, and add "C:\chain0="Mac OS X86" to your boot.ini file (or whatever it is) and reboot, then you will have an option, pick Mac OS X86, and viola, OS X.

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Thanks, but when i try that my pc just restarts.

doesnt even boot leopard when i hit enter on the OSX 86 boot option.

Thanks anyway :)


Edit: Ok, before it loads osx, it goes to the darwin screen loading all the files etc...


it gets to this message "BSD root: disk1s1 major 14, minor 4" and then it just restarts the computer back to the OS selections screen.

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OK i forgot to set my OSX partition to active, so i did in command prompt.


But now when i boot into OSX, it gets to the grey screen with the apple logo and restarts the computer from their.

Damn, i thought i had it this time.

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