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well...im a newb, im pretty interested in osx86 and well, awsome work here and great comunity too, now on my problem, is that i installed kalyway 10.5.1 in another hd, it was fine i installed everything that i needed and it was a smooth installation now, my problem is that after installation it rebooted i started leopard and first i see a pretty fancy movie that says welcome even in L33t language hahaha, now i configure the keyboard and fine as hell, now it says that if i own another mac and when i click no im not going to transfer anything it start processing and after some secs it starts again and i dunno how can i pass that part...? and if you recommend me another dvd instead of kalyway...my system specs are this:


Dell Dimension 9200

Intel core2duo 2.13GHz

2GB ram

Nvidia 8800GT

a 300Gb Hd for vista and a 80Gb Hd for leopard

the motherboard i dunno the model i know its a Intel 965 Chipset


thanks for every help i can receive and keep up with this awesome project. :)

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