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Sleep, WiFi and Webcam

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I'm on a HP Pavillion dv9680ep. I installed Kalyway 10.5.2 on the secondary hard-drive, and I'm using Windows Vista's boot manager to dual-boot between both OS. The boot manager was configured using easyMBR or whatever that app's name was.


Anyway, as for WiFi, I hear that this computer's hardware still isn't supported (it's Intel Wireless 3945 ABG), so there's not much you can do to help me out. However, I have the feeling that other people got the Sleep and Webcam features working, and I simply can't do it. I've tried the webcam in both PhotoBooth and iChat, and both display a back screen with no picture. As for sleep, when I press the button, the screen goes black and Mac OS seems to go to sleep, but the computer doesn't turn off. I press the power button, and when I turn it back on the session was lost.


I've tried the Sleep, Vanilla and Kabyl kernels, and none of them worked.


Anyone has fixes for this? Most other things work just fine, including software like Adobe's.



Thanks is advance.

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