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P35 Mainboard, unstable network (LAN)


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Hey there,


I've successfully installed the new Kalyway 10.5.2 DVD on my GA-P35-DS3.

The funny thing is that in the Wiki-list the LAN of this mainboard is said to work out of the box.

unfortunately for me this isn't the case.


The OSx (Settings) regonizes my onboard networkcard but the internet connection still doesn't work.

Once in a while it works but then in the next 10 reboots it doesn't work again. :-( (in Windows my LAN works properly)


I also found out, that when my dvd-drive isn't recognized my LAN works, and when my dvd-drive works my LAN isn't working. Sounds weird but is there a connection?


What kext should I install for this mainboard?


So I still need help on this topic.

Thx for you time.

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