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Successful install Leo4ALL V2 on my PC


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My mother board is

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 GO


PowerColor HD3850

8G DDR2 800 Dual Channel

1.2T Harddisk, 4xRaid0 +2 Sata 160G HD


First I install two new sata 160G harddisk to build Raid0 under leopard,but I set the BIOS in raid mode ,Disk utility can not find the harddisk , later I set the BIOS in ACPI mode and use disk utility to build software raid 0.The build is OK and installation is OK ,but can not boot after installation . at last I have to use one Sata disk to install leopard .everthing is OK but some times USB keyboard and USB mouse can not work .Restart system every thing is OK, I don't know why !


Now I use F8 to pop up the boot menu to select the 4XRaid0 to boot vista and 1 Sata to boot Leopard.BIOS setting is RAID mode ,It seems work fine ,no need to change any thing in BIOS.






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