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10.4.4 (Patched 3.3g Rar Image) Install Problem


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I'm trying to install osx86 10.4.4 from the patched (rar-3.3 gig) install DVD. My system consists of an ECS 945P-A mobo, Pentium D 820, and a Maxtor PATA hard drive (as slave, hooked to single ATA100 connector on mobo, DVD-Rom is Master). When loading the installer it just sits at the Apple screen forever. Verbose mode shows this at the end:


AppleHDA.kext failed to load: unable to locate 'layout-id' property.

WARNING: ATA Drive Claims FLUSH CACHE EXT feature support but does not claim Extended LBA feature support

Got boot device = IOService:/AppleACPIPlatformExpert/PCI0@0/AppleACPIPCI/IDE0@1F,1/AppleIntelPIIXATARoot/CHN0@0/AppleIntelPIIXPATA/ATADeviceNub@1/IOATAPIProtocol Transport/IOSCSIPerhiperalDeviceNub/IOSCSIPerhiperalDeviceType05/IODVDServices/IODV

BSD root: disk1s3, major 14, minor 5


Everything else in the text appears fine above this as far as I can tell. When it gets to this point it does not progress any further. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

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